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    Welcome to the Alaska Coin Exchange Coin and Stamp Gallery. We have made many thousands of images, and make them available for your viewing here. The earlier images were produced back when we were still hosted on the Coin World magazine site. Coin World limited image size to 32 kilobytes, so these images are smaller and often have severely cropped sides. Now that the website is independently hosted, we have plenty of hard drive space to be able to produce larger, more detailed images.
    The newer images are produced at a resolution that provides a 4 to 5 inch diameter image on the average users monitor. The image file sizes are typically 75 to 200 kilobytes, a size that can still be viewed in a reasonable amount of time by someone using a dial up modem.
    Some of the coins below are still for sale - check the regular listings using the navigation buttons above. Many have been sold.
    Enjoy the Coin and Stamp Picture Gallery!


Circ = Circulated
MS = Mint State
PL = Proof Like
Spc = Specimen

ND = No Date


Thailand 1 Baht 1994 EF-40
Thailand 1 Baht 1996 AU-50

Thailand 1 Baht 2005 AU-50

Thailand 5 Baht 1977 AU-50
Thailand 5 Baht 1979 EF-40

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago 1 Cent 1976 EF-40
Trinidad and Tobago 1 Cent 1999 EF-40

Trinidad and Tobago 1 Cent 2002 EF-40

Trinidad and Tobago 5 Cents 2003 AU-50

Trinidad and Tobago 25 Cents 1998 EF-40
Trinidad and Tobago 25 Cents 2001 EF-40


Tunisia 5 Centimes 1917-A VF-20


Turkey 10 Para AH1277 VF-20

Turkey 20 Para AH1255 VG-8
Turkey 20 Para AH1327 VF-20

Turkey 1 Kurus 1969 MS
Turkey 1 Kurus 1976 MS

Turkey 5 Kurus 1969 MS

Turkey 10 Kurus 1969 MS
Turkey 10 Kurus 1976 MS

Turkey 25 Kurus 1969 MS

Turkey 50 Kurus 1976 MS

Turkey 1 Lira 1961 AU-50
Turkey 1 Lira 1976 MS

Turkey 2 1/2 Lira 1969 MS

Turkey 5 Lira 1976 MS

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates 5 Fils 1973 MS

United Arab Emirates 1 Dirham 1987 VF-20


Venezuela 1 Bolivar 1967 EF-40


Vietnam 50 Su 1960 AU-50